The Wonderful World of Heroes

Chapter I

A Nu Start

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Heroes!

Through fate, divine providence, or pure coincidence, a number of people gather in the town of Wesmont. Nothing is yet set in stone, but some in Wesmont may play an important role in the future of this land.

Ricros Shadowstalker searches Wesmont for clues about his father’s last quest.

Jude Lux arrives in Wesmont to prepare for pilgrimage.

Michael Bayson stays in Wesmont and ponders his new-found autonomy from the military that has been his life up until now.

Benedict Hammish Poppinlink is here to record his first tale of adventure.

Donnelus Kaine is here because of the strange stars signifying change.

Remington Smith is here to see the world.

Callis Daedillin is here to make some money, and free some slaves (if there’s time).

Dash is in Wesmont in order to search for her father, and is currently hunting down every clue she can find.

The adventure begins now!


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