Well, Jude has two more of his Summoner’s Temples checked off, with far less incident than the previous one. Stupid traps…It does seem like one suffered some sort of fire or some incident. No telling what might have happened though, since we didn’t investigate.

Finally back in Westmont! I was beginning to worry that we wouldn’t make it back before the orcs launched their attack, so I am glad to see that our haste in returning wasn’t in vain. The guild seems to be rebuilt finally, though I’m sure Donnelus will find SOMETHING to complain about. The wood choice is…interesting, to say the least. No idea where they could have found wood that was that specific for us.

So is the Loan Shark actually..a shark? It almost seems too ironic to be true. We did have to travel almost a half day out in the ocean to get to the drop off point, but there has to be some sort of underwater dwelling there. In any case, I’m not a huge fan of Norbert taking out such a huge loan from someone he hasn’t actually met. Too many things could go wrong..

Speaking of things going wrong with shady characters, we need to learn more about this Baker’s Gang. What seemed like a straightforward robbery investigation ended up involving a crime syndicate, and dirty guards. Even with the thief’s tongue cut out, the fallout could possibly come back on the guild. My companions might not be too happy with me throwing our business card around, but if they really wanted to, the Baker’s gang could have traced the original contract back to us. Besides, I’m confidant that our group would be more than a match for the Muffin Man and his gang.


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