The Doomed Quest to The Dark Delve of Glecha the Unearthly

A party of adventurers entered The Dark Delve of Glecha the Unearthly in Year 7650 in order to avenge the death of Ralgarrick Shadowstalker’s wife. This party was composed of 6 members:

The party’s leader, Sir Francis Reese, a Human Bard skilled in leadership and cartography.
The swordsman Ralgarrick Shadowstalker, an Elf Fighter skilled with blades.
The healer Erin Joss, an Elf Druid specializing in healing and communing with nature.
The gladiator Wallbeard Thundergroin, Dwarf Fighter skilled with axes.
The scout Inyen Falsamma, Elf Ninja specializing in stealth and trapfinding.
The magician Gill the Magnificent, Human Sorcerer specializing in fire magic.

Over the course of a fortnight, they slowly eradicated everything in the dungeon, stopping often to allow Sir Francis to make a detailed map of the area in case they ever got lost within the labyrinthine halls. Their caution was not enough. A skeletal giant felled Wallbeard Thundergroin with a single blow within the first week. After taking time to mourn him and wrap his body in cloth, the party pressed onward, planning to bring their comrade’s corpse back with them when their quest was complete in order to give him a proper burial.

Room after room of undead fell before the more-determined-than-ever adventurers, until they reached two sets of stairs, one leading up and one leading down. They decided to go up first, and encountered the powerful undead witch Glecha. After a hard-fought battle, the party eventually triumphed over her, though Ralgarrick was still convinced that the real target still lived (so to speak). After resting and getting his map up to date, Sir Francis led the way down the 2nd staircase.

Tragedy. Tragedy was the only way to describe the next few moments. Upon entering the room down the staircase, Sir Francis was struck down by a powerful blow. An Alchemical Golem had thrown an acid bomb, and the other party members simply saw a flash of light, felt a strong reverberation from the explosion, and felt the remnants of Sir Francis and his gear hit them.

The survivors leapt into action. Ralgarrick charged into the room, and the golem was slain quickly. As the creature died, a dim light from its fizzling alchemical liquids revealed that they were not alone. They heard a bellowing laugh, saw 6 person-sized shapes encircling them, and saw a 10 foot tall undead creature standing beside Erin the healer. She could only stare in horror as the creature reached down and grasped her head. A wave of powerful magic washed over all of them, and when it was over, Erin was no more.

Gill, Inyen, and Ralgarrick struck back at the 6 smaller creatures, and Inyen managed to kill one before the creatures retaliated in an unexpected way. They let out a chittering scream, and each party member felt magic wash over them. Inyen was teleported outside of the room, Ralgarrick was teleported deeper into the room, and only Gill managed to resist the magic and hold his position. Inyen, finally having a reprieve from the fighting, was overcome with an overpowering fear, and cowered outside the room listening to the continuing battle. She heard Gill’s magic take one more of the smaller creatures down, but moments later there was more chittering, and Gill’s bloodcurtling scream. She peeked her head into the room one more time, and saw Ralgarrick, grievously wounded, on his knees before the large creature. Ralgarrick, tears streaming down his face, cried out, “You monster! It wasn’t supposed to be like this! You’ve taken everything from me! EVERYTHING!” The creature smiled a horrifying smile, and replied, “I’ve fought this fight a hundred times, fool. You never had a chance. Vengeance will continue to be mine, now and forever.”

Inyen, seeing this, felt the rest of her resolve wither away. She grabbed onto the few items near her, including a damaged map made by the late Sir Francis, and fled the dungeon never to return again.

The Doomed Quest to The Dark Delve of Glecha the Unearthly

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